Space Banana

3D Animation Project Space Banana Space Banana was a end of the year project  I worked on in my last year at LISAA (2014).

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Abstract 3D/2D dance Gotan Gotan is inspired by abstrac animation such as "Blikity Blanc"of  Norman McLaren and Neo Tango composition like "Gotan Project". Here the caracters a shapes and their mood or thought is represented throug the ineraction they indulge to themeself and each other. The Music is an original composition of Vincent Leprats and Thomas Gasser. Olivia Giboz/ Victor Genest /Thomas Gasser  Assistent Director :Vincent Leprat Director : Simon Dardet  The color script of Gotan: This is a corner stone in the creation of this short. Since the all project was nonverbal the colors…

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