Abstract 3D/2D dance



Gotan is inspired by abstrac animation such as “Blikity Blanc”of  Norman McLaren and Neo Tango composition like “Gotan Project“.

Here the caracters a shapes and their mood or thought is represented throug the ineraction they indulge to themeself and each other.

The Music is an original composition of Vincent Leprats and Thomas Gasser.

Olivia Giboz/ Victor Genest /Thomas Gasser 

Assistent Director :Vincent Leprat

Director : Simon Dardet

 The color script of Gotan:

This is a corner stone in the creation of this short.

Since the all project was nonverbal the colors (combine withe the music an motion) were the perfect tool to share the moods of each shot,

and at global scale the evolution of feeling sin the movie.

 Since the shapes are abstracts and evolving ,

we had to create diferant rigs for each shot.

 We used 2D animation on 3D shapes to create the motion of the curves in space.


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